Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Starting Fresh on Etsy

So- I sold Vintage for years on eBay and also on Etsy.. And now I don't. eBay fees got to me and I don't think Etsy supports it's Vintage sellers very well.. So I backed out.
Instead- I split my Sewing Etsy shop in two. The Homespun Loft is my dba and the name of my primary Etsy shop- that one is devoted to Pet Items.. The shop associated with this Blog is Homespun Tales (and yes.. I get that the names should be reversed- but I have too many sales on the Loft to do that now).

Promotion of this shop is key for me these days. I made the other one successful- I can surely do it again with this shop.
Quilted Christmas Stocking $14.99

Quilted Coasters- set of 4 $7.50

Candle Wrap $4.50

All items found in my newly reopened Etsy Shop Homespun Tales . Hope you come to visit!